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n.1.An international, interdenominational organization of Bible classes of young men; - so named in allusion to the Hebrew word Berachah (Meaning blessing) occurring in 2 Chron. xx. 26 and 1 Chron. xii.
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The neighbourhoods all have their baracas (small bars) which act as important social centres where people meet, gossip and pass on the latest news.
Baraca originated from a cross between broomrape resistant breeding line VF1071 and 'Alameda'.
Exciting new additions include Baracas Lounge, Glykopolio, Patio, Good Burger, Clock Cafe and many more.
American actor, famous for playing BA Baracas in The A-Team.
Earlier, Eoin Griffin's Baracas defeated the evens favourite Gentleman Jeff in the opening maiden hurdle.
A 'Bad Additude' Baracas, played by Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson.
As she makes me a cup of tea in the kitchen/diner I spot a BA Baracas tea towel, a 70s-style tray featuring a hippy couple and an unusual black cat clock just for starters.
1952: Mr T, 52, American actor famous for playing BA Baracas in The A-Team, born Lawrence Tero.
A stunning new venue has opened on the seafront in Chlorakas and with commanding views of the sea, Baracas Lounge is arguably the best place to enjoy a Paphos sunset.
That super-catchy theme, by the way, was written and performed by Scottish comic legend Billy Connolly - "Don't wanna cause a fracas, but BA Baracas, have I got a match for you.
Hurdling experience Baracas caused a 33-1 shock last year because he did not fit the profile of previous winners.
And his horses are running well, as Baracas proved in Fairyhouse last week.