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(ˌbɑ rɑˈkɑl dɔ)

a city in N Spain. 112,854.
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Contract notice: service immobilization, removal and deposit of vehicles in municipal offices of the city of barakaldo
La artista, si no pasa nada, actuara el proximo 17 en Barakaldo, el 19 en Madrid, el 23 en La Coruna y el 25 y 26 en Barcelona.
YARMOUTH greyhound trainer Julie Green is busy preparing for a Derby campaign with a difference after the recent Wolverhampton success of Zayin Barakaldo, the horse she trains for the Arabian racing code, writes Phil Donaldson.
Javier Benito-Fernandez of the pediatric emergency department in Hospital de Cruces, Barakaldo, Spain, and colleagues.
The 27 year old Dublin-based American born runner will be seeking the A qualifying standard of 31 minutes 40 seconds from the race in Barakaldo where there will be no shortage of quality opposition to push her to her target.
Contract notice: maintenance and repair of the accesses by stairs and mechanical ramps dependent on the city of barakaldo
Contract notice: supply through the non-financial leasing system of five (5) patrol vehicles equipped to provide citizen security service in the local police department of barakaldo
Contract notice: insurance mediation services for the city of barakaldo and its autonomous organizations.
Contract notice: sports activities and first aid service in the facilities of the municipal sports institute of barakaldo
Tenders are invited for insurance mediation services for the insurance municipality for the city council of barakaldo and its autonomous organizations.
Contract notice: service of socio-educational and psychosocial intervention with children, youth and family in the municipality of barakaldo
Contract notice: agency and intermediation service for the insertion of institutional advertising of the city council of barakaldo in general media (radio, press, television and internet) and outdoor spaces