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(German ˈbɑːranɪ)
(Biography) Robert. 1876–1936, Austrian physician; devised the Bárány test, which detects diseases of the semicircular canals of the inner ear: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1914
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Noun1.Barany - Austrian physician who developed a rotational method for testing the middle ear (1876-1936)
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It constructed a third plant in Baghoush, Matrouh, producing m3 in Al-Salloum, a fourth in Sidi Barany producing 4500 m3, a fifth in Ras Mal'ab for the Tourism Development Authority and a sixth in Taba producing 1500 m3.
The disorder called BPPV was described first by Barany in 1921.
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Zoltan Barany argues that the lack of support from the army was essential to the success of popular mobilization.
The legacy of state-directed violence and ongoing impunity has left a security sector with high prerogatives and weakened state institutions, as Barany details [24].
com/animationworld/meet-robinsons-keep-moving-forward-disney; Beth Barany, Trademark Protection for Fictional Characters, WRITER'S FUN ZONE (Dec.
Devices such as a Barany chair--a stool-like chair that swivels 360 degrees--can stimulate many illusions.
Any way, he had risen for always to the height of men like Koch, Pasteur, Golgi, Ramon y Cajal, Laveran, Carrell, Richet and Robert Barany who had been finally the recognized personalities.
A consensus document published by both the International Barany Society and the International Headache Society considers VM to be a distinct diagnostic entity.
The renown of Vienna's Medical School is in large part due to the achievements of Jewish physicians," claims Alfred Stalzer of the Jewish Museum of Vienna, adding that two of them: Alfred Barany and Otto Loewie were awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine, the latter in 1936.
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