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Noun1.Barbara Ward - English economist and conservationist (1914-1981)
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POWERFUL performances across a whole week at Skegness from Lisa Simpson, Teresa Parnell and Barbara Ward produced wins for Cleveland in four of the 10 ladies bowls competitions.
The second is from Only One Earth, written by British economist Barbara Ward and American microbiologist Rene Dubos for the 1972 United Nations Stockholm conference on the human environment.
Like Stick 'n' Step's trip last year, the visit was made possible largely thanks to Barbara Ward Children's Foundation, which footed the bill for the majority of the cost.
Around 150 locals turned up at the Barbara Ward Community Centre in North Dublin for a meeting on Monday night.
Dominic Tierney of the Atlantic tracked it back to a 1948 New York Times article, in which British economist Barbara Ward called upon the US to lead the West in fighting the Communist threat.
Barbara Ward, nursing professor and program director at Florida Southwestern State College, has been selected to join the 2015 Leadership Charlotte class by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.
Women: 1 Ali Tickner (Oswestry, F45) 29.56, 2 Julie Moore (unattached, F45) 30.22, 3 Tania Brandon (Oswestry, F45) 31.07, 4 Vicki Luxmoore (Oswestry, F45) 33.12, 5 Barbara Ward (Oswestry, F60) 33.55, 6 Karen Hodgson (unattached, F40) 36.59.
The Royal Mail said it wanted to recognise the achievements of individuals from the world of arts, sport, design, economics and heroism, and they range from actor Sir Alec Guinness to economist Barbara Ward.
Others featured are footballer and manager Joe Mercer, economist Barbara Ward, special operations executive agent Noorunissa Inayat Khan, Nobel laureate Max Perutz, broadcaster Roy Plomley, writer Joan Littlewood and graphic designer Abram Games.
Barbara Ward Talented lady Dave Harrison Absolutely great knitting ability.