Barbary sheep

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Barbary sheep

See aoudad.
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(ˈɑ ʊˌdæd)

a wild sheep, Ammotragus lervia, of N Africa, having a long fringe of hair on the throat, chest, and forelegs. Also called Barbary sheep.
[1860–65; < French < Berber]
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Noun1.Barbary sheep - wild sheep of northern AfricaBarbary sheep - wild sheep of northern Africa  
wild sheep - undomesticated sheep
Ammotragus, genus Ammotragus - genus of wild sheep
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Rabat A zebra, nine addax, eight Barbary sheep, eight servals, eight Dorcas gazelles, eight Bald ibis, and a Dama gazelle were born, amongst other animals, said the Rabat Zoo in a press release.Some of these animals are critically endangered.
Native to North Africa and current denizen of West Texas, the aoudad, or Barbary sheep, is as tough as they come.
OUR AT CREATURE FEATURE Our Brazilian tapirs, along with the Barbary Sheep, giraffes and reindeer, have been enjoying salt licks after we made PS176 from scrapping metal from enclosure projects at Mason Metals in Brierley Hill.
The mummies are located at the British Museum which stated at the time that the tattoos were on the upper arms of the male and female mummies, describing the male's tattoo depicting a bull and a Barbary sheep, while the woman's tattoo shows linear and S-shaped motifs.
Tattoos depicting a wild bull and a Barbary sheep were found on the upper arm of a male mummy, while the shoulder and upper arm of a female mummy bore "S"-shaped motifs.
A male mummy was found to have tattoos depicting a wild bull and a Barbary sheep on its upper arm, while a female has linear and S-shaped motifs on its upper arm and shoulder.
Tattoos depicting a wild bull and a Barbary sheep were found on the upper arm of a male mummy, while linear and S-shaped motifs were identified on the upper arm and shoulder of a female mummy.
The tattoos, a wild bull, a Barbary sheep and an S-shaped motif, were found&nbsp;on two naturally mummified bodies at the ( British Museum in London, England.&nbsp;Researchers used infrared technology on what were initially thought to be just dark smudges to identify the body art.
"You might come across mule deer or Barbary sheep," said Brian Whitehead, a ranger, who joined Sycalik on his marathon in Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.
Very small natural populations of aoudad or barbary sheep remained in northern Algeria.
Known as Ammotragus lervia among scientific circles, Barbary sheep, a.k.a.
Extensive morphologic research has also been presented on the filiform papillae in other ruminant species and breeds, including Formosan serows (Atoji et al., 1998), Blackbucks (Emura et al., 1999), Barbary sheep (Emura et al, 2000), Saanen goats (Kurtul & Atalgin, 2008), goitered gazelles (Harem et al., 2011), chital deer (Erdogan & Perez, 2014), giraffes (Emura et al., 2013), one-humped camels (El Sharaby et al., 2012), and Bactrian camels (Eerdunchaolu et al., 2001).