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n. pl. bar·bies Chiefly Australian Informal
A barbecue grill or pit.


(ˈbɑːbɪ) or


informal chiefly Austral short for barbecue


[ˈbɑːrbi] (British, Australian) n (=barbecue)
(= event) → barbecue m
(= piece of equipment) → barbecue mbar billiards n (British) billard joué à l'aide de queues courtes et où des pièces de bois sont placées devant les trous

Barbie (doll)®

nBarbie-Puppe® f
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I haven't yet been swayed by Mattel's effort to make Barbie more universally accepted.
TommyXGigi Barbie doll - Instagram screenshot Via Fashion Doll Collector CAIRO -- 6 December 2017: The Gigi Hadid and Hilfiger fan armies took over Instagram and demanded that Barbie and Tommy Hilfiger collaborate and bring to life Gigi as a Barbie doll.
which manufactures Barbie dolls, has been working towards diversifying its lineup of dolls to fit with the times as the brand (https://www.
Today Barbie announced the expansion of its Fashionistas line with 15 new and diverse Ken dolls, featuring three body types slim, broad and original and a variety of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles and modern fashion looks.
The decades-long curvy image of Barbie will turn 360 degrees with the entrance of Amy Schumer.
Barbie, the evergreen fashionista, is in town in 24 limited-edition avatars at the Mall of the Emirates.
It sometimes feels like you see a bunch of Barbie dolls on any given night out in Dubai, but a collection of the actual toys is currently showing at Mall of the Emirates.
Q My little girl loves her Barbie dolls and plays with them all the time but I've heard that they can be a dangerous influence on girls
It was a birthday to remember for the iconic Barbie, who celebrated her 55th year along with the unveiling of the brand's much-awaited Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Playing with Barbie dolls may limit a young girl's ideas about what she can do with her life, an Oregon State University study suggests.
There's Barbie Rapunzel's head, yanked from her neck for some longforgotten hair-dressing game, a shiny, pink arm separated from its body and a removable heart which slots in and out of a weirdly-flat Barbie chest.
He drives to the mall, runs to the toy store and says to the shop assistant, "How much is that barbie in the window?