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n. pl. bar·bies Chiefly Australian Informal
A barbecue grill or pit.


(ˈbɑːbɪ) or


informal chiefly Austral short for barbecue


[ˈbɑːrbi] (British, Australian) n (=barbecue)
(= event) → barbecue m
(= piece of equipment) → barbecue mbar billiards n (British) billard joué à l'aide de queues courtes et où des pièces de bois sont placées devant les trous

Barbie (doll)®

nBarbie-Puppe® f
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The battle between Goths and Barbies is apparent to the school principal, who has a trained eye on Jade.
Three Barbies are sold somewhere in the world every second'
Moreover, accounts of Barbie ownership always implied excess--too many Barbies.
I made complex plots for my Barbies and would have a continuing Barbie game for about a week.
For instance, whereas early Barbies held positions such as nurses and waitresses, later more career-oriented versions included a doctor, celebrated as a major breakthough.
The London Symphony Orchestra performs Tchaikovsky's score, but it's edited as heavily as the dancing; the snow scene and the Waltz of the Flowers consist of Tinkerbell-ish fairies flitting (and occasionally bourree-ing or passe-ing) around Clara, led by miniature, cherubic winged Barbies who communicate in high-pitched squeaks.
Then we could really be real live Barbies," they chime together.
As little girls, my sister and I spent hours at a time playing with our Barbies.
I gave my Barbies haircuts, I took my Barbies to the swimming pool, I made my Barbies clothes using scraps from my mom's sewing bin.
We know she's simply being an ally here, but as a kid my Barbies only dated other lady Barbie Dolls"
Evolving Ken was a natural evolution for the brand and allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbies world.