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Of, relating to, or characteristic of a 19th-century group of landscape painters in France that included Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Jean François Millet, and Théodore Rousseau.

[After Barbizon, a village of north-central France.]
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So the Barbizon people taught our fathers to look at trees in a certain manner, and when Monet came along and painted differently, people said: But trees aren't like that.
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, the artist around whom the Barbizon painters gathered, is well represented in the exhibition as one of the most-prominent landscape painters preceding the Impressionists.
The exhibit offers a number of fine landscape paintings, including Courbet's dramatic animal painting, "The Ruse" (1866), a trio of major works by Daumier, several landscape paintings by the Barbizon painter Corot and a wealth of Impressionist landscapes, both urban and rural, by Monet, Sisley and Pissarro.
De Haan began the season with a bang when landing a double via Beacon Flight and Barbizon at Ludlow on May 1, and a further four winners and a total of nearly pounds 33,000 in prize-money have made this his best-ever term.
It was he who backed first the Barbizon School then the Impressionists before their work became fashionable, and who tenaciously forged a market for their art.
3 days from PS169.00 Departs 13 June & 19 September 2014 Monet's Garden & Paris Visits to Impressionist painter Claude Monet's beautiful house and gardens in the Normandy village of Giverny, and to incomparable Paris, are amongst the wonderful highlights of this hugely popular escorted tour, which also offers the opportunity to discover exquisite artists' village Barbizon.
Beauty and fitness pioneer Theresa Roemer has previously owned and operated her own health clubs, mentored young girls in the highly acclaimed Barbizon Modeling Schools and her fitness talents have been utilized by a top fitness chain in the country.
She attended Barbizon School of Fashion in New York, NY and later worked as a runway model.
The firm also worked on the conversion of the Barbizon Hotel into luxury residences, as well as the conversion of the O'Neil building into condominiums.