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n. pl. bar·bies Chiefly Australian Informal
A barbecue grill or pit.


(ˈbɑːbɪ) or


informal chiefly Austral short for barbecue


[ˈbɑːrbi] (British, Australian) n (=barbecue)
(= event) → barbecue m
(= piece of equipment) → barbecue mbar billiards n (British) billard joué à l'aide de queues courtes et où des pièces de bois sont placées devant les trous

Barbie (doll)®

nBarbie-Puppe® f
References in classic literature ?
Oh, the Barby run, I hear," answered the other; "nine miles at least, and hard ground; no chance of getting in at the finish, unless you're a first-rate scud.
After a few minutes' waiting, two well-known runners, chosen for the hares, buckled on the four bags filled with scent, compared their watches with those of young Brooke and Thorne, and started off at a long, slinging trot across the fields in the direction of Barby.
We run into the Cock, and every one who comes in within a quarter of an hour of the hares'll be counted, if he has been round Barby church.
All who are now up mean coming in, and they come to the foot of Barby Hill without losing more than two or three more of the pack.
Well, sir," said East, stepping out, and not liking that the Doctor should think lightly of his running powers, "we got round Barby all right; but then -"
Contract notice: maintenance of green spaces and snow removal for the benefit of 13bca at barby and bourget du lac station (73)
David Barby and David Fletcher value heirlooms at Truro Cathedral.
MAURICE Holroyd was 60 when he left Paddock to go to America to see his pen-friend Barby in 1990.
Jessica Simmons took home the award for food and drink blog and Matthew Barby won the PR, media and communications category.
The staff at Condobolin Health Service were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of their colleague and friend Natalie Ann Barby, in September last year.
Leading the enterprise, which is operating from new premises in Oxfordshire, are managing director Gregg Alvarez and owner and director Steve Barby.