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(ˈbɛərˈnʌk əl)

also bare′knuck′led,

1. (of a prizefight, prizefighter, etc.) without boxing gloves; using the bare fists.
2. without conventional niceties: bareknuckle bargaining.
3. in a rough-and-tumble manner.
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SNATCH HHHH (Sky Cinema Thriller, 9pm) This gritty yet at times humorous East End thriller from Guy Ritchie has two interweaving plots - one concerning the pursuit of a stolen diamond, and the other looking into the dark underworld of bare-knuckle boxing and match-fixing.
He added: "My research had grown beyond the scope of a specific period in Welsh bare-knuckle boxing and the question that kept coming up now was when did the story of Welsh boxing really start?
But he comes from fighting stock with his great uncle being the undefeated bare-knuckle boxing champion Bartley Gorman who reigned from 1972 to 1992.
Eastchester, NY, May 08, 2019 --( Boxing Apocalypse is a virtual reality boxing simulator game that allows 2 players to battle head to head in a virtual arena in a bare-knuckle boxing style.
Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Artem Lobov, a long-time friend and team mate of Conor McGregor, is set to make a lucrative debut in bare-knuckle boxing as combat sports bid to gain more mainstream acceptance.
"Bare-knuckle boxing has given me the best buzz ever.
Boxing journalist Michael Benson reported that the bare-knuckle boxing promotion was putting together a mega money offer to bring McGregor to fight against Malignaggi under bare-knuckle boxing rules.
"He is held in high regard by all of us and I see him going far in bare-knuckle boxing."
1918: The last bare-knuckle boxing champion, John L Sullivan, died.
After a demanding 38 fight career (15 wins and six draws) and a showstealing performance on TV's wildly popular Prizefighter knockout series, Terry has joined the bloody, brutal world of bare-knuckle boxing.