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(ˈbɛərˈnʌk əl)

also bare′knuck′led,

1. (of a prizefight, prizefighter, etc.) without boxing gloves; using the bare fists.
2. without conventional niceties: bareknuckle bargaining.
3. in a rough-and-tumble manner.
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THESE no-holds-barred pictures shine a light on the shady world of British bare-knuckle boxing, where many fights end in brutal knockouts.
With a career record of 40-1-2 with 24 knockouts, Sullivan was the last heavyweight bare-knuckle boxing champion of the world and the first heavyweight gloved boxing champion of the world.
1918: The last bare-knuckle boxing champion, John L Sullivan, died.
1855: The longest bare-knuckle boxing contest on record took place between James Kelly and Jonathan Smith at Dalesford, New South Wales.
ITAKE no satisfaction from the recent trouncing of Dan Breeze - a talented athlete who turned his back on the gloved business to ply his trade in the brutal world of bare-knuckle boxing.
Jason Statham and Stephen Graham stand out as hapless fight promoters forced to bargain with Irish traveller and bare-knuckle boxing champ Mickey (Brad Pitt with an accent as incomprehensible as the plot).
A BLOODY bare-knuckle boxing event packed out the Coventry Skydome.
I think you put Roy Jones in versus Anderson Silva as the co-main event, you've got yourself a good dang ol' fight card,' Jones told reporters after his TKO victory against bare-knuckle boxing king Bobby Gunn last week.
Born in London, Wilkinson was a bare-knuckle boxing champion and active from 1722 to 1728.
London based Joe has been running BBAD sports promotions for the last 18 months, working to solidify bare-knuckle boxing as a legal, professional sport.