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A boat, such as a yacht, that is chartered without a skipper or crew and usually without provisions.

bare′boat′ing n.


a boat that can be chartered without crew, provisions, etc



providing a boat only, exclusive of crew, stores, fuel, and the like: a bareboat charter.
[1955–60, Amer.]
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Noun1.bareboat - a vessel (such as a yacht) that can be chartered without a captain or crew or provisionsbareboat - a vessel (such as a yacht) that can be chartered without a captain or crew or provisions
vessel, watercraft - a craft designed for water transportation
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75m per vessel and will bareboat charter the ships back to Okeanis on 15-year charters.
Cash at hand exceeding a certain level will through a cash sweep mechanism will be distributed as repayment of the bank facilities and the bareboat charter in respect of the vessel Odin Viking will be amended to reflect that the charter hire of USD10,000 per day will not be payable in cash, but added to the principal amount outstanding under the charter party as payment in kind.
Ship is on Bareboat Charter that started on November 1 2014 for a term of 60 month @ 900,000 Annually.
Whichever name you choose, this option could be the ideal sailing vacation for those who don't yet have the skills to bareboat charter, folks who simply want to relax, or others who want to experience life aboard a crewed luxury yacht, but can't justify the cost.
One of the bigger bareboat charter companies is Flamingo Yacht Charters.
This is OSC's third Medium Range (MR) size Tanker and the fourth Bareboat Charter vessel it has taken into the fleet this year from StealthGas Inc.
The company currently operates Norwegian Sky under a Bareboat Charter with a purchase option from Ample Avenue, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong Ltd.
4m of a bareboat charter with Mexican offshore services company Cotemar.
This follows Chevron Transport's nine-month non-binding notice of termination for the bareboat charter on oil tanker Antares Voyager.
In addition to learning how to handle the larger boat under sail, you practice maneuvering in close quarters and how to operate its onboard systems, including the head, the galley, the diesel engine, electrical systems--all things you need to know for a bareboat charter.
The Dan Sabia is operating in Brazilian waters under bareboat charter with Petrobras Transporte S.