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A small clasp for holding the hair in place.

[French, diminutive of barre, bar, from Old French; see bar1.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a clasp or pin for holding women's hair in place
[C20: from French: a little bar, from barre bar1]



a clasp for holding a woman's or girl's hair in place.
[1900–05; < French; see bar1, -ette]
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Noun1.barrette - a pin for holding women's hair in placebarrette - a pin for holding women's hair in place
pin - a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things


[bəˈret] N (US) → pasador m (para el pelo)


n (US) → (Haar)spange f
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She had found one of her sisters, and presently Nastasie Barette, wife of Leroux, made her appearance, holding an infant in her arms, another child by the hand, while on her left was a little cabin-boy with his hands in his pockets and his cap on his ear.
Address : Htel De Villeplace Barette Bp 903 27200 Vernon
HSBC was also nominated for Outstanding Employee Network for its Pride UK employee resource group, while the network's Trans Lead, Stuart Barette, was shortlisted for Role Model of the Year.
67) Pour un portrait plus detaille de la constitution d'une fiducie d'utilite sociale, voir notamment Andre J Barette, << La fiducie d'utilite sociale : reflexions sur un theme meconnu >> dans Service de la formation continue du Barreau du Quebec, Fiducies personnelles et successions, vol 269, Cowansville (Qc), Yvon Biais, 2007, 79.
In particular, Barette, Lemyre, Corneil and Beauregard (2007, 2012) referred to Canadian federal public-service executives, using a large-scale quantitative data set.
During the clearing operations after the gun battle, Tan said eight cadavers were recovered as well as assorted improvised explosive materials, ICOM radios, 50 caliber Barette, an M16 rifle and a .
In a sly nod to the location of many of Westborough Player's shows, and enhanced by Dianne Barette and Brian Kelly's brick wall set design, the finale takes place at the "Gibbons Middle School Auditorium.
Although the new minister of health and social services, Gaetan Barette, has in the past spoken favorably of the provisions that would allow extended pharmacy services, he has not given any indication of when the order authorizing those services might be introduced.
Barette, a forensic anthropologist and Keystone College professor, said in her experience, 90 percent of police calls for remains turn out to not be human.
Young Alexander Peters is an eager Candy Cane soloist; Caralin Curcio is a cool, sly Coffee; Barette Vance Widell a sunny Dewdrop; Gabriella Yudenich a mature, majestic, sure Sugar Plum.
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