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1. A B-girl.
2. A barmaid.
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"Hollywood images have led the people to associate long-haired Asian women with bargirls. Long hair is a racial stereotype," said Donna solemnly gazing at my waist-length hair.
In Wanchai, "Susie Wong" was a palpable presence among topless girlie bars and teahouses that listed the names of bargirls, rather than potables or comestibles on their menus.
The Indian Hotel and Restaurants Association, the Association of Dance Bar Owners and the Bharatiya Bargirls Union were among the petitioners who challenged the state government's ban.
They have visited over 400 nightclubs in the capital and have become well-known among nightclub bargirls and guards, garnering Rev Yen the nickname "Rev Night Club." He carries a Bible as he enters each nightclub and holds prayer meetings with the girls from 6:00 to 7:00 PM before they start working.
The femme thesps bring their street-smart but not so smart bargirls fully to life, and Kung Nam-kyoung also offers a memorable two-scene cameo as an evangelical Christian.
But the musical's opening scenes capture a time when that inimitably American form was still sprouting in a hothouse of brawlers and bargirls. As Page puts it, "The freedom of the district gave freedom to the music."
Bored guests in masks and full surgical garb ate dull government stodge and wandered about listlessly while bargirls, inadvertently snared in the police dragnet, added a sense of colour and commerce to the otherwise humdrum drama.
Few of Nome's gold miners found their mother lode, and even fewer Nomeites were dazzling bargirls, hard-drinking gunslingers, and husky con artists.
Despite the fact that his chosen venue seemed longer on bargirls than conference rooms, Vang had managed to lure reporters from two of the three main newswires--myself and a Reuters guy--by dint of his Web site, a product that was a good deal classier than our hotel.