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The second day, Tuesday 24 November, saw the conference move to the Gianicolo, based in the Auriana Auditorium of the American University of Rome with additional sessions held in the Barnabite theatre and the Fondazione centro studi emigrazione in Rome.
Remy Church, announced that starting next Sunday, masses will be held at the Infant Child Jesus Pere Barnabite in Uccle, Brussels.
This epic occasion celebrated the arrival of Baptist missionaries Adoniram and Ann Judson in October 1813, some ninety years after the inauguration of the Roman Catholic Barnabite mission to Burma.
The first institution which came near to that of the Ursulines was the Congregation of Dimesse, founded in Vicenza in 1579 by the Franciscan and former Barnabite Antonio Pagani (Zarri, 2000, pp.
Thereafter all sorts of religious missionaries crowded in, one of whom, an Italian Barnabite, eventually became Perez's successor.
Paul, more popularly known as Barnabites, he took the name Giacinto Sigismondo (Hyacinth Sigismond) After three years of studies at the University of Bologna, he taught philosophy at the Barnabite college at Macerata 1738-39 and at Monferrato 1739-48, where he was professor of philosophy and prefect of studies, during which time he was ordained to the priesthood (1741).
1664), (38) and the Genoese Barnabite, Antonio Benedetto Sansalvatore (ca.
Shortly after the Calas Affair, the Encyclopedists, armed with his torments and profiting from propitious circumstances, though without compromising themselves directly, as is their wont, wrote Reverend Father Barnabite in Milan, their Italian banker and a well-known mathematician.
In the 1540s a new guiding light for the order had emerged: the "Divine Mother" Paola Antonia Negri, who interwove the spiritual power stemming from ecstatic visions with more dangerous claims to authority over Barnabite priests.
They worked side-by-side with their Barnabite brothers, and all heeded the advice and rule of their Divine Mother, Sister Paola Antonia Negri.
In addition to the social advantages, parents saw a Jesuit or Barnabite boarding school as offering a better environment for learning than universities.
He claims that Father Barnabite Gerdil advanced it in 1748 (Yolton 1984, 94-98).