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Noun1.Columbia University - a university in New York CityColumbia University - a university in New York City  
Ivy League - a league of universities and colleges in the northeastern United States that have a reputation for scholastic achievement and social prestige
Greater New York, New York, New York City - the largest city in New York State and in the United States; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center
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Yahya, who has two weeks to make up her mind on which university she will pick, said, "I have received acceptance letters from Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell (Ivy League schools), Stanford, Berkeley, Duke, John Hopkins, Barnard College of Columbia and UCLA in the US and Cambridge, London School of Economics, Kings College, Durham and UCL in the UK."
In a new foreword for this edition, editor Premilla Nadasen (history, Barnard College) provides background on Smart-Grosvenor and how she came to write the book, as well as a brief history of domestic work in the US, reflections on storytelling as resistance, and background on the origins of domestic worker organizing in the early 1970s.
According to the official WPSP website, it is an innovative initiative to advance women to positions of influence in governments and civic organisations worldwide, and was founded by Clinton in partnership with the US Department of State and the Seven Sister Colleges of Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and Wellesley College.
"The neighborhood's proximity to some of the most prestigious institutions in the city including Columbia University, Teachers College and Barnard College provides an ideal location for student housing focused development."
A study by the Department of Psychology of the Barnard College (N.Y.), that was published in Behavioural Processes, found dogs have the ability to recognize themselves.
Sian Beilock has been named the new president of Barnard College, the women's institution that's part of Columbia University.
In 2015, the Barnard College Theatre Department initiated a new project to investigate the impact of the department's design and production choices.
But Lynn Garafola, co-chair of the dance department at Barnard College, notes the intimate settings are tailored to meet the specific needs of women.
New York, NY, May 02, 2016 --( Karen Fleiss was previously Manager of the Barnard College of Columbia University Endowment & Trustee.
She has been engaged in leadership roles with civic and nonprofit institutions in New York and the District of Columbia, in addition to her positions on various boards at Barnard College and Columbia University.
Announcing that Barnard College (part of Columbia University) will accept transgender "women " (that is, men who identify as women), Barnard College president Debora Spar evidently has concluded that college is the place to "figure out who you are.