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n. Informal
An extremely impressive event or successful outcome: "September will not be any barnburner [for car sales]" (Lee Iacocca).


(ˈbɑrnˌbɜr nər)

Informal. something that is highly exciting, impressive, etc.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.barnburner - someone who burns down a barnbarnburner - someone who burns down a barn  
arsonist, firebug, incendiary - a criminal who illegally sets fire to property
2.barnburner - an impressively successful eventbarnburner - an impressively successful event; "the rock concert was a real barnburner"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
success - an event that accomplishes its intended purpose; "let's call heads a success and tails a failure"; "the election was a remarkable success for the Whigs"
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Two other barnburners include the .26 Nosier and the 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum.
Today's bargain bows were yesterday's barnburners. Just five to 10 years ago, the highest-performance bows on the market were on level with the budget bows of today.
Cummings is destined to become king of the barnburners, a thrilling talent who loves to get stuck in.
The album, which has gone on to gain critical acclaim, includes vintage rock (Kow Tow) and twang (The Devil and Me), along with a few barnburners (Tall Boogie and Road Blind) and a surprising version of Tears for Fears 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World',' all of it rooted in the spirit of the Delta blues.
When he finally went on the wagon, it was with the help of AA, in particular a group calling itself the Barnburners, which he credits with saving his life.
Robinson came through two barnburners to make the Class Four light welterweight final.