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A former kingdom of central Africa, now the western part of Zambia.
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(bəˈrɒt səˌlænd)

a region in W Zambia. 410,087; 44,920 sq. mi. (116,343 sq. km).
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George Westbeech, who travelled and traded in Barotseland (western Zambia) in the mid-1880s claimed that a Barotse king fed refugees to crocodiles, and that a King Lewanika had children thrown to crocodiles.
From there they headed 150km to Mumbwa on the West Highway (N9), then north +/- 50km on a sometimes not so good dirt road (heading to Barotseland).
Other Basotho evangelists and teachers were volunteering to go to far-away Barotseland (now western Zambia), in order to strengthen the mission there under Rev.
Among the topics are the role of firearms in the Songye Region; consumption and the enactment of social status among labor migrants from Barotseland 1935-65; railways, railway culture, and industrial work discipline in the Rhodesias; sewing machines, tailors, and urban entrepreneurship in Zambia; the social and economic impact of the Fort Jameson (Chipata) Indians on the development of the Chipata District 1899-1973; and business, consumption, and politics at Robinson Nabulyato's Banamwaze Store 1949-69.
The Spread of the Gospel in Barotseland" From the Paris Mission to the United Church of Zambia, A Chronological History, 1885-1965.
Before Zambia's independence, the Western Province was a separate British protectorate called Barotseland. Five months before independence, then Prime Minister Kenneth Kaunda, the king of Barotseland, Sir Mwanawina Lewanika, and British Colonial Secretary Duncan Sandys met at Lancaster House in London and signed what is known as the Barotseland Agreement of1964.
Whether it is the Okavango, the Caprivi, the Cubango province in Angola, Barotseland in Zambia, the Hwange area of Zimbabwe or Botswana's world-famous Chobe, collectively they are not one huge game park.
The Spread of the Gospel in Barotseland: From the Paris Mission to the United Church of Zambia; A Chronological
In 1891, an Anglo-Portuguese treaty had left vaguely defined the border area between Angola and Barotseland, along the upper Zambezi River.
But only two African chiefs were included on the royal guest list, Yeta III, Chief of Barotseland, an upper area of Zambia, and Ademola II, of Abeokuta, a city in the South-West area of Nigeria.
In Barotseland, West Zambia, a decoction obtained from the root is drunk as an abortifacient, acting to kill the fetus which is expelled in about 10 hours.