Barren Grounds

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Bar·ren Lands

or Bar·ren Grounds  (băr′ən)
A treeless, sparsely inhabited region of northern Canada northwest of Hudson Bay and east of the Mackenzie River basin.
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Bar′ren Grounds′
a sparsely inhabited region of tundra in N Canada. Also called Bar′ren Lands′.
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"Good," said he, as he went away; "this is a fruitful soil, and I feel certain that the seed sown will not be cast on barren ground." Next morning, faithful to his promise, he sent the prescription requested.
of all Police Lines so that barren grounds should be
He ordered that new saplings should be planted in parks of all Police Lines so that barren grounds should be utilized.
He said new saplings should be planted in parks of all police lines so that barren grounds could be utilised.
Most of the deer we had scouted were traveling through the expansive barren grounds after leaving the fields.
Retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno, in a statement, said it is not about preparing for his physical comfort "but more by preparing our hearts and cultivating minds to assure that God's Words will not keep falling on barren grounds."
Not only was it accomplished in one season (133 days), but it was done at a time when sections of this route were largely unmapped and had not been travelled by Euro-North Americans since the expedition of English explorer Samuel Hearne and Chipewyan leader Matonabee from Churchill across the Barren Grounds to the Coppermine River in 1770-1772, and later by surveyor J.
Thornaby's committee have worked hard to transform what used to be one of the most barren grounds in the Northern League into one of the most improved.
The hard and barren grounds would easily cut a player's career short as many of them were forced to retire prematurely with troubled knees or ailing joints.
& north to Black Lake & the Barren Grounds 6 days fast travelling in canoes north of Black Lake, 6 July.
These historical struggles inform not only Barren Grounds portrayals of postbellum Southern rural life but also the very construction of Dorinda Oakley's character as the persevering and progressive hero of a revived Southern landscape.
In the Hjelmsoya area highest catches were found in barren grounds with high densities (50-80 individuals [m.sup.-2]) of sea urchins, whereas in kelp beds the sea urchin catches did not exceed catches if baits were not used.