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(ˈbær ɪt)
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett.
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Barrett, who had already made his mark as an expert, by finding a way to twist and transpose the wires, was set apart to tackle this problem.
Next, having made the cable tight, Barrett set out to produce it more cheaply and by accident stumbled upon a way to make it immensely more efficient.
Gardener had gone to Omaha to hear Booth and Barrett, who were to play there next week, and that Mary Anderson was having a great success in `A Winter's Tale,' in London.
He read of sickly Elizabeth Barrett, who for years had not placed her feet upon the ground, until that day of flame when she eloped with Browning and stood upright, upon the earth, under the open sky; and what Browning had done for her, Martin decided he could do for Ruth.
As has been said, [Footnote: Professor Barrett Wendell, 'William Shakspere,' p.
What occurred during that time has not yet transpired, but at a quarter to twelve Police-constable Barrett, passing along Godolphin Street observed that the door of No.
Cardiac rather than intestinal-type background in endoscopic resection specimens of minute Barrett adenocarcinoma.
Barrett Company has been acquired and will join Keene Family of Companies: Keene Building Products, Dependable, LLC, Continental Products, Ltd and Keene Village Plastics.
Brad Thomas Charles Barrett had already been served with a police information notice -- sometimes called an harassment notice -- because of his behaviour towards his ex.
Barrett's MRAD, developed by company president Chris Barrett, is the answer to USSOCOM's search for a modular, multi-caliber, bolt-action sniper rifle capable of converting between 7.62x51mm, .300 Norma Magnum and .338 Norma Magnum cartridges.
Barrett filed a civil rights suit against Livingston County, the Livingston County Sheriff, three jail nurses the jail doctor, the chief deputy for the jail, a jail officer and a guard.
Kathleen Barrett loves watching good video--and helping people making it.