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(ˈbær ɪt)
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett.
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Being an economical Vermonter, Barrett went to work in a little wooden shed in the backyard of a Brooklyn foundry.
Next, having made the cable tight, Barrett set out to produce it more cheaply and by accident stumbled upon a way to make it immensely more efficient.
Gardener had gone to Omaha to hear Booth and Barrett, who were to play there next week, and that Mary Anderson was having a great success in `A Winter's Tale,' in London.
He read of sickly Elizabeth Barrett, who for years had not placed her feet upon the ground, until that day of flame when she eloped with Browning and stood upright, upon the earth, under the open sky; and what Browning had done for her, Martin decided he could do for Ruth.
As has been said, [Footnote: Professor Barrett Wendell, 'William Shakspere,' p.
What occurred during that time has not yet transpired, but at a quarter to twelve Police-constable Barrett, passing along Godolphin Street observed that the door of No.
50-Caliber Rifle with company founder Ronnie Barrett and dinner with the Barretts at their home, was intense.
Honorary chair and firearms industry legend Ronnie Barrett and his wife, Pat, of Barrett Firearms were on hand to thank the competitors for attending as well as to do some shooting themselves.
The probe led a traffic officer to the Old Vicarage in Shawbury, Shropshire - the widow's home which the callous Barretts had tried to claim as their own.
Last night Edith's brother-in-law Peter Borlace said: 'The Barretts were ruthless predators.
For their anniversary, the Barretts took trips to England and Italy.
Ronald and Anne Barrett of Simi Valley celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Dec.