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In quantum mechanics, the passing of a particle through a seemingly impenetrable barrier without a cause that is explainable by classical physics.


(ˈtʌn l ɪŋ)
a quantum-mechanical process, forbidden in classical mechanics, in which an atomic particle passes through a region where its potential energy is higher than its total energy. Also, esp. Brit.,tun′nel•ling. Also called tun′nel effect`.


Illegally diverting company funds or lucrative contracts to a company insider or majority shareholder thereby lessening the value of the holdings of minor shareholders.
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The ammunition manufacturers make absolutely no statements at all about barrier penetration, much less how their bullets will perform after penetrating certain objects.
Further, as a small molecule with high target tissue and blood-brain barrier penetration, resveratrol can find utility as monotherapy or as an adjunct to biological treatment or other approaches that may not address all patient needs.
Blood Brain Barrier Penetration of 14C Darolutamide Compared with 14C Enzalutamide in Rats Using Whole Body Autoadiography
The exfoliation yielded by salicylic add also enhances skin barrier penetration by ingredients applied after its use and is well tolerated by individuals with oily skin.
In that case, barrier penetration will be down on my list, and mild recoil will be an asset.
Caption: Barrier penetration is one of the rationales behind the HoneyBadger's unconventional design.
The Beowulf has proven highly successful against game as well as barrier penetration in heavier loadings; but the PolyCase bullet lends the big-bore cartridge even more lethality thanks to its proprietary design that delivers massive knockdown power and little overpenetration.
1 Cetirizine is known to have reduced blood-brain barrier penetration due to its larger mass, lipophobic properties and increased attraction for peripheral H1 receptors.
The FlexLock bullet features the Hornady exclusive Flex Tip technology that prevents bullet clogging while enhancing barrier penetration and terminal performance.
As a citizen, if barrier penetration is an important consideration for you with your personal defense pistol in either of these calibers, you'll likely think you need to have a fast-twist bore.
Therefore, there should be always 4 deuterons in barrier penetration and fusion process, so that 4d simultaneous fusion should take place predominantly.
This performs extremely well in gelatin testing, including denim-clad gelatin and barrier penetration.