Barrow's goldeneye

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Noun1.Barrow's goldeneye - North American goldeneye diving duckBarrow's goldeneye - North American goldeneye diving duck
Bucephela clangula, goldeneye, whistler - large-headed swift-flying diving duck of Arctic regions
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During the fall migration and into the winter, San Francisco Bay hosts good populations of common goldeneye, bufflehead, greater and lesser scaup, canvasback, surf scoter and sparse numbers of Barrow's goldeneye.
7 s, Goudie, 1999), Barrow's goldeneye Bucephala islandica (17.
With much open water, waterfowl were plentiful: greater white-fronted goose, 1; pink-footed goose, 1 (new species for the count); snow goose, 1; Canada goose, 2,440; mute swan, 14; wood duck CW (seen during count week but not on count day); gadwall cw; American wigeon, 1; American black duck, 55; mallard, 786; northern pintail, 1; green-winged teal, 9; ring-necked duck, 28; greater scaup, 58; lesser scaup, 12 (new high); white-winged scoter, 1; bufflehead, 10; common goldeneye, 106; Barrow's goldeneye, 1; hooded merganser, 355 (new high); common merganser, 96; American coot, 2; wild turkey, 226 (new high); common loon, 9; horned grebe, 4.
There were also three species firsts for WWT Washington's conservation breeding programme; buffleheads, Barrow's goldeneye and Northern shoveler.
A flock of Barrow's Goldeneye regularly winters just below Foster Dam, sometimes with Common Goldeneye.
Eight live birds that the owner identified as having displayed neurologic signs were captured for sample collection (1 Siberian red-breasted goose, 1 Barrow's goldeneye, 1 blue-winged teal, 2 Eurasian widgeons, 2 Ross geese, and 1 wood duck).
The reason for the unscheduled day trip was the arrival of a stunning drake Barrow's goldeneye on the Ythan estuary, about 15 miles north of the granite city.
But, it was a Barrow's goldeneye, which I found out, too late, is extremely rare.