basal cell carcinoma

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basal cell carcinoma

A slow-growing, locally invasive, but rarely metastasizing neoplasm of the skin derived from basal cells of the epidermis or hair follicles.

ba′sal cell` carcino′ma

a common and usu. curable skin cancer that arises from basal cells of the epithelium.

ba·sal cell car·ci·no·ma

n. carcinoma de célula basal, neoplasma epitelial de crecimiento moderado invasivo derivado de células basales de la epidermis o de folículos pilosos.
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Most instances of basal cell cancer can be effectively treated, but in some cases, the cancer cells spread and develop an aggressive form of the cancer that does not respond to standard surgical treatment.
Erivedge is a pill taken once a day and works by inhibiting the Hedgehog pathway, a pathway that is active in most basal cell cancers and only a few normal tissues, such as hair follicles.
Those studies showed that people who used sunscreen were more likely to develop basal cell cancer than people who did not, she told Science News.
There were also observations of lesion shrinkage in Kaposi's sarcoma, colorectal and basal cell cancer patients, and of disease stabilization in a considerable number of patients, including non-small cell lung patients.
At the same time, the researchers found no clear relationship between smoking and basal cell cancer.
Clinical Results: While Phase I trials are not designed to measure efficacy, there have been observations of lesion shrinkage in Kaposi's sarcoma, colorectal and basal cell cancer patients.
International clinical trials are currently underway for basal cell cancer in the U.
NASDAQ:MATX) today announced that unanticipated results in contribution of component trials will delay the development of AccuSite Injectable Gel for patients with basal cell cancer.
Deprenyl Research has the Canadian license for ALA Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for Basal Cell Cancer of the Skin and other malignancies and premalignant conditions.

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