Basal plane

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(Crystallog.) a plane parallel to the lateral or horizontal axis.

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In addition, SDK has succeeded in enhancing reliability of power semiconductors through improving the basal plane dislocation (BPD) conversion rate by more than ten times compared with that of HGE.
It is observed that the basal plane angle, SNB, L1 to MP, FMA showed significant differences between manual and digital methods (p<0.05).
These two approaches are then applied to the important case of a hexagonal crystal (parameters a and c) limited by a basal plane. The particular geometry of a TD parallel to the c axis enables simplified expressions to be derived.
This twin mode reorients the crystal by 86[degrees] around <1[bar.2]10> directions bringing the basal plane to be nearly perpendicular to the loading direction.
Lead lowers the share of basal plane (00.2) oriented crystallites while increasing the share of those oriented towards the high angle pyramidal plane (20.1) [22, 23].
The basal plane of HOPG was imaged in contact mode using a pyramidal silicon nitride tip (OLYMPUS Co., OMCL-TR800PSA) in 1 M-LiCl[O.sub.4] /PC.
Some samples displayed colour zoning in three orientations at 60[degrees]/120[degrees], typical of the six-fold rotational symmetry in the basal plane of the rhombohedral system.
As MOSFET's oxide film, formed on the surface of an epitaxial wafer, is used in device operations, finer surface defect (SD) and various types of crystal defects, including basal plane dislocation (BPD), considerably affect the yield and product quality.
Since GO behaves like an amphiphilic macromolecule with hydrophilic edges and a more hydrophobic basal plane, it can serve as an attractive building block for the construction of various supramolecular architectures [7],
Schmitz et al., "Influence of graphite surface modifications on the ratio of basal plane to "non-basal plane" surface area and on the anode performance in lithium ion batteries," Journal of Power Sources, vol.
Hematite often grows in the morphology of thin disks, where disks of diameters less than 100 nm show better crystal development in the a basal plane than along the c (hexagonal) direction.
The Co-O bond lengths in the basal plane are 2.031(2), 2.057(2), and 2.054(2) [Angstrom], respectively.