basal cell carcinoma

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basal cell carcinoma

A slow-growing, locally invasive, but rarely metastasizing neoplasm of the skin derived from basal cells of the epidermis or hair follicles.

ba′sal cell` carcino′ma

a common and usu. curable skin cancer that arises from basal cells of the epithelium.

ba·sal cell car·ci·no·ma

n. carcinoma de célula basal, neoplasma epitelial de crecimiento moderado invasivo derivado de células basales de la epidermis o de folículos pilosos.
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1] Basal cell carcinoma also known as basalioma is the most common cutaneous malignancy in white skinned people.
2,3) Other names for BCC are basalioma, basal cell epithelioma, rodent ulcer, and Jacobs' ulcer.