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A region of Moldova and western Ukraine. As the gateway from Russia into the Danube River valley, it was for centuries an invasion route from Asia to Europe. The region became part of Russia in 1812 but declared itself independent in 1918 and later voted for union with Romania, which was forced to cede it to the USSR in 1940.

Bes′sa·ra′bi·an adj. & n.


(Placename) a region in E Europe, mostly in Moldova and Ukraine: long disputed by the Turks and Russians; a province of Romania from 1918 until 1940. Area: about 44 300 sq km (17 100 sq miles)


(ˌbɛs əˈreɪ bi ə)

a region in Moldavia, on the W shore of the Black Sea: formerly part of Romania.
Bes`sa•ra′bi•an, adj., n.
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On the 3rd of March 1922, there were to be elections for Senate in the Old Kingdom, Basarabia and Bucovina, and those for the Deputies Assembly, were on the 5th, 6th and 7th of March 1922 (Craciunoiu, 1995: 27).
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The monument represented Romania as a feminine personage surrounded by all her children: the other territories lost and now reunited with the mother country, including Basarabia (now the Republic of Moldavia) which was entirely occupied by the Soviet Union after the Second World War.
In 1918, Transylvania, Bucovina, and Basarabia had been unified with the pre-war Romanian kingdom, fulfilling the dream of nineteenth-century nationalists.
Another expression of selective Holocaust denial is the acknowledgement of only the tragedy of the Jews from Basarabia and Bukovina.
44) See, for example, Marius Mircu, Pogromurile din Bukovina si din Dorohoi (1945) and Pogromurile din Basarabia si din Transnistria (1947), repr.
Basarabia Boulevard comprises 850 studio flats and one and twobedroom apartments, all built to a high specification.
6) La revolucion de 1848 invadio todo el espacio rumano, estallando revoluciones en todas las provincias rumanas excepto Dobrogea y Basarabia, que se encontraban bajo la dura dominacion otomana y zarista.
He was very close to get executed in Moscow, condemned by a military court, because the Russian authorities found a manuscript Bejan had written on birch bark, in which he stated that Basarabia and Bucovina were Romanian territories (Marinescu, 1996: 281).