BASE jump

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BASE jump

also base jump  (bās)
A parachute jump from a high structure or a precipitous earth formation.

[b(uilding) + a(ntenna tower) + s(pan) + e(arth) + jump.]

BASE′-jump′ v.
BASE jumper n.
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It was reported by his friends that one of the other base jumpers was a paramedic, who immediately jumped to his aid.
BASE jumpers usually wear a parachute and a wingsuit, which allows safe travel through the sky.
Resources touted by CSM include a former army base; active and decommissioned military vehicles and equipment such as fighter jets and attack helicopters; aerial cinematography; and a team of stunt pilots, drivers, and base jumpers.
He is one of only two master riggers in the region and one of few wheelchair-bound competitive skydivers and base jumpers in the world.
Apparently, two BASE jumpers climbed over the railing of the Perrine Bridge and leaping at about the same time.
Representing the XDubai brand at global events will be professional athletes from the UAE, including rally drivers and base jumpers to skydivers and football freestylers.
We estimate approximately 80,000 people will attend the 2014 Bridge Day celebrations to watch BASE jumpers and rappellers fly from the New River Gorge Bridge.
Base jumpers break world record with leap from Burj Khalifa pinnacle
The design details of a platform which enabled two base jumpers to plunge 828m to earth from the pinnacle of the Burj Khalifa have been revealed.
They are used most commonly by BASE jumpers (parachutists who specialize in jumping off of things like buildings and bridges) who use the suits to glide as they fall.

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