Base course

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(Arch.) The first or lower course of a foundation wall, made of large stones or a mass of concrete; - called also foundation course. (b) The architectural member forming the transition between the basement and the wall above.

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Base course is significant for the road structure because it reduces the traffic load-generated stresses on the underlying subbase and subgrade courses.
The asphalt base course was built from 0/32-C (AC 11 PS) crushed dolomite, gravel, 100% crushed gravel, 50% crushed dolomite and 50% crushed gravel; asphalt binder course: 0/16-A (AC 16 AS), 0/16-[A.sub.PMB] (AC 16 AS PMB) crushed granite 11/16 + crushed dolomite 5/8 + (crushed dolomite and crushed granite 8/11, 50% and 50%); crushed granite 8/11 and 11/16 + crushed gravel (rest of aggregates); crushed dolomite 8/11 and 11/16 + crushed gravel (rest of aggregates); 50% crushed granite + 50% sand; 100% crushed granite; 100% crushed gravel.
That has largely been accomplished with the growing approval of crushed concrete as base course for new or re-built highway lanes.
Three course levels are offered, each with its own certification: a base course (Paulson-Certified Fundamentals), a second-level course (Paulson-Certified Technician), and a higher level (Paulson-Certified Expert).
The base course price of US$ 2500 does not include lodging or board.
The tear-off-shingle-derived HMA was then installed by BRI crews at approximately 2 inches thick as base course within a residential road reconstruction project in St.