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Of, relating to, or based on the number eight: an octal number system.
A number system having 8 as its base: 16 in base 10 is represented in octal as 20.


(ˈɒk tl)

of or pertaining to a number system with base 8, employing the numerals 0 through 7.
[1935–40; < Latin oct(ō) or Greek okt(ṓ) eight + -al1]
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Adj.1.octal - of or pertaining to a number system having 8 as its base; "an octal digit"


A. ADJoctal
B. Noctal m
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The network said satellite surveillance images show a new base eight miles northwest of Damascus that experts believe could be a storage facility for short and medium-range missiles.
IPv4 uses a base eight numbering system--a set of eight numbers that can represent up to 256 possible combinations.
Dane Phillips, Jason Hagerty and Jeremy Baltz all joined the team on its recent two-week road trip and combined to reach base eight times while driving in four runs and scoring three more in their first game at home.
We caught up with Marshall Rich of Rich Sales, John Klyce of Base Eight, and Todd Gilmore and Ray Neal of Process Automation and Tool.
This summer easyJet will base eight aircraft at Bristol offering 22 destinations and 66 daily flights.
That's how we built our customer base eight years ago.
The pair were marched out of their base eight months ago and have not been seen since.
Since more units are left over after removing groups of eight than after removing groups of ten, the students in the class should find that the numeral representing their age in base eight appears to represent a larger number than the numeral representing their age in base ten.