Base plate

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the foundation plate of heavy machinery, as of the steam engine; the bed plate.

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The equation of motion of the composite plate, consisting of the base plate and the damping layer, is given by
"The vicar had noticed a few flags missing and then I went to take pictures of the sundial as I usually do and realised the base plate had been stolen.
The Base Plate also bevels up to 45 degrees for angled cuts.
Now, double check that the base plate is absolutely horizontal and the compass housing has not turned.
They are the feed lips, the magazine catch slot and the rails for mounting the base plate. The feed lips need to be smooth and, if not parallel, at identical angles for the smooth and even release of the cartridge as it is pushed forward by the bottom of the slide or bolt.
Just remove three base plate screws to replace broken clamp
I go online to try to discover whether a separate base plate can be purchased and find that it cannot and a new kit has to be bought.
The reattachment of adult barnacles to coating surfaces using the original method was carried out according to the procedure reported by Rittschof et al) (15) Briefly, adult barnacles of suitable size (5-8 mm base plate diameter) were dislodged from the T2 rearing substratum, measured for base plate diameter using calipers, dried with a paper towel and placed immediately on the coating surfaces to be evaluated.
After additional research, the inspection of the base plate is not called for in any inspection cycle, either at the squadron or depot level.
The morphology distribution of [PHI]100 [micro]m micro column and a part of the base plate are shown in Fig.
The report recommended the management committee develops techniques to detect base plate deteri-orationshould amend its track maintenance procedures and revise their system of track inspection immediately.
The microscope's aluminum base plate can be adapted to special stands for mounting on machine tools.