Base ring

(Ordnance) a projecting band of metal around the breech, connected with the body of the gun by a concave molding.
- H. L. Scott.

See also: Base

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Above: 1930s Val St Lambert blue overlay crystal Art Deco vase by Charles Graffart, decorated with a double arched facet rim in blue overlay, the ribbed body cut with tapering ovals and a pointed base ring
The Mistral 150/250 has set up access from three sides, allowing optional base ring and molded product handling systems.
Let R = [[direct sum].sub.n [greater than or equal to] 0] [R.sub.n] be a Noetherian homogeneous ring with local base ring ([R.sub.0], [m.sub.0]).
For this purpose, we artificially create a virtual hole in the central area of the network and accordingly find a shortest cycled path enclosing the hole, which serves as base ring and is used for generating the remaining ring based structure.
"I wound up figuring out the proper curve empirically by suspending the base ring from a rope, pinning the south pivot point into place, and tracing on a piece of cardboard the arc created by moving the ring," he explains.
The key purpose of this instrument as we interpret it--although not described in the treatise as such and even contradicting the original sketch--appears to be that the fiducial triangle does not use the central axis of the pillar but a vertical line that is formed by the point where the first khayt bends around the corner of the flat conic roof on top of the pillar and the small ring (zirih) on the base ring, where the shadow khayt, and quite likely also the meridian khayt, are attached.
This allowed users to hitch an implement to old-style tractors without a clevis or, by removing the clevis, have a base ring hitch suitable for newer tractors with hammer straps.
Topics of the remaining 11 papers include minimal free resolutions of lexsegment ideals, tangent cones of numerical semigroup rings, topological Cohen-Macaulay criteria for monomial ideals, and the type of the base ring associated to a transversal polymatroid.
The 30-inch is a permanently mounted altazimuth telescope of 3 tons moving weight, turning on a base ring 10 feet (3m) in dia-meter--the azimuth 'bearing'--itself bedded on a foundation of 7 tons of high-specification reinforced concrete.
Bowl cannot be removed and it's fiddly to get under base ring to clean thoroughly.
Downtime is significantly reduced using the locking base ring that delivers faster changeovers of cutting heads and impedes costly impeller to head collisions.
Initially the indigenous fine-wares (Base Ring and White Slip) were used both for serving and consumption of liquids.