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An ancient region of Palestine northeast of the Sea of Galilee in present-day southern Syria.


(Bible) Old Testament a region to the east of the Jordan, renowned for its rich pasture (Deuteronomy 32:14)


(ˈbeɪ ʃən)

a region in ancient Palestine, E of the Jordan River.
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They'll crack old Tony on the skull, And preach and roar like Bashan bull, Or braying ass, of mischief full, Then seize old Jacob by the wool, And pull for heavenly union.
It is a fatted calf from the pastures of Bashan," said the Pharisee, "the heathen have dealt wonderfully with us let us raise up our voices in a psalm --let us give thanks on the shawm and on the psaltery-on the harp and on the huggab-on the cythern and on the sackbut
he hath conquered, and the uncircumcised Philistine hath fallen before his lance, even as Og the King of Bashan, and Sihon, King of the Amorites, fell before the sword of our fathers
And as the evening drew near, we clambered down the mountain, through groves of the Biblical oaks of Bashan, (for we were just stepping over the border and entering the long-sought Holy Land,) and at its extreme foot, toward the wide valley, we entered this little execrable village of Banias and camped in a great grove of olive trees near a torrent of sparkling water whose banks are arrayed in fig-trees, pomegranates and oleanders in full leaf.
What with whittling the switchboards, swearing at subscribers, playing tricks with the wires, and roaring on all occasions like young bulls of Bashan, the boys in the first exchanges did their full share in adding to the troubles of the business.
The drop in pH may result from production of organic acids such as gluconic acid or [alpha]-ketoglutarate and uptake of NH4+ ions which may release proton to the medium (Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Goire and Bashan, 2004).
Gady Eisenkott visited Bashan Division headquarters on the Golan Tuesday, for a rundown on the new Russian deployment just opposite.
es mas versatil y tiene la capacidad de adherirse a las raices de diversas gramineas y a otras familias de plantas incluyendo algodon y tomate (Caballero, Sf; Levanony & Bashan, 1991).
Bashan Rafique and others have brought the exhibition to Chelsea Old Town Hall to showcase Pakistani art and crafts made by women, and to open up opportunities in Britain for these skilled artisans.
In this work, two-dimensional plan-view models are constructed to simulate the collisional and intracontinental orogenic movements, and the factors that may control the formation of the Bashan Arc fault are analysed.
According to Bashan, Holguin, and De-Bashan (2004), there are indications that the positive effect of inoculation on gains in productivity is related not only to the capacity for biological nitrogen fixation but also to the bacteria's ability to produce substances that promote growth, such as auxin, gibberellins, and cytokinins.