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Noun1.Basia - the second largest city in Iraq; an oil port in southern Iraq
Al-Iraq, Irak, Iraq, Republic of Iraq - a republic in the Middle East in western Asia; the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was in the area now known as Iraq
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Basia, who has a Polish background, has personal experience of the disease.
Early on, this true account of Basia's life moves slowly, exploring Judaism and Jewish political movements, including the embrace and ultimate rejection of Zionism by Basia.
'' -- Jayant Nahata, ex- gen secy of student council ( Clockwise from top left) Tapish Narwal, Vaibhav Garg, Jayant Nahata and Anshul Basia, who designed the software that is secured from hacking with four levels of encryption.
Basia Nikiforova: Dear colleagues, our international conference is a part of the long-term program "Lithuanian Philosophy: history and present".
Basia Michalski (1) and Adrian Umpierrez De Reguero (2)
You can eat off my floors: I will do anything for my four-year-old Cavachon dog, Basia. A few weeks ago, I flipped out when she somehow found her way to a box of candy and ate four chocolate-covered pieces.
Directed by Dariusz Gajewskithe, the film follows Basia and Marek, a young Polish immigrant couple to Sweden.
During a presentation on the charity's work, the royals heard a song called Heaven Help Me by Basia Bozzao, 20, from South East London.
Loving mother of Nicola, Ivan and Miranda, grandmother of Joel, Basia and Sophie.
Larry Bennett and Basia Tov (illustrator); THE ATTACK OF THE GIANT STINK BUGS; Heritage Builders Publishing (Children's: Juvenile Fiction) 10.95 ISBN: 9781940242736
Basia Hellwig is a frequent contributor to Dance Teacher and Dance Retailer News.
Only Daisy Muller chose another boy to leave other than Chris after his fate had already been sealed by votes from Lauren, Bethany Rogers, Zoe Basia Brown, Hannah Elizabeth, Jessica Hayes and Naomi Ball.