Basic expressions

Basic expressions   
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As we begin Lent, we are invited to examine ourselves before we undertake the basic expressions of piety--doing works of mercy, fasting, and praying.
For preparing the four videos of emotional expression and standardize them, initially a pilot study was conducted involving two professional actors (one male and one female) posed for these four basic expressions. The shooting was performed in a studio setup at CDAC, Kolkata with suitable illumination condition and actors were instructed to provide the given expressions within a head tilt of [+ or -]20[degrees].
We also handed out a printed page containing the basic expressions for their reference.
Most recent facial expression recognition methods focused on means of analyzing frame of neutral expression or frame of peak phase of any of six basic expressions in video sequence (i.e., static-based facial expression recognition) [12].
Martinez and his doctoral students Shichuan Du and Yong Tao were able to expand the library of expressions by combining elements of the six basic expressions to create "compound expressions" such as "happily surprised" or "fearfully disgusted."
In other news, researchers have decided that humans only have four basic expressions: happiness, sadness, fear and disgust.
The input of the meta-classifier is each individual classifier's results and output is fusion recognition results of six basic expressions. We can't have clear idea about their distribution to determine discriminate form.
The present work applies FACS to create basic expressions such as angry, happy, sad, and fear.
There are six basic expressions types, defined in MPEG-4 (see Figure 3).
One of the volunteer language instructors said his classes aim to "teach basic expressions but also have demonstrations with erotic paraphernalia so they learn the names, how to use them."
Since the nineteen seventies, people developed a facial expression of various aspects of the study, Plutchik from strength, similarity and the 3 aspects of mood were divided, was ecstatic, vigilance, grief, fear, surprise, rage, hate, receiving 8 basic expressions. Izard from the factor analysis method is put forward to the 8 to 11 basic emotions: interest, surprise, disgust, happiness, pain, anger, fear and sadness, and shy, contempt and guilt.

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