Basic steel

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1.Steel produced by the basic process.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Coal reserves were depleting and our basic steel products would be undercut by low-cost overseas producers.
It will receive the basic steel tubular structure and do the majority of the manufacturing process including sandblasting and outfitting the transition pieces with boat landings, internal platforms for cables and other electrical equipment and platforms.
There are great things to be said for state-of-the-art exotic steels and synthetic handles-but for some knife users only the classic, down-to-earth feel of stag and a time proven basic steel will do, thank you!
"My interviews reveal that an incredible level of violence toward and harassment of queers is part of the basic steel work environment," writes Balay.
The business recycles brass, copper, cables, down to basic steel.
Rabo is upbeat about Luxembourg-based Aperam for various reasons, among which the stabilisation of the European market and the basic steel price.
The beautiful statue done in traditional Balinese art was built by five sculptors from Bali in just three months time, after flying down the basic steel structure from Indonesia.
There are two basic steel framing components: studs and tracks.
But, the high-carbon spring steel it is made from is quite a bit stronger than the industry standard bright basic steel used in other wires,” explains Baffa.
The approved design, which basically adds ornamental features to the basic steel deck structure with three main under arches, is scheduled to take two years to build.
Stressing that Vale's project is specifically targeting export markets and basic steel industries in neighbouring countries, Al Hinai said, "This will create a prominent place for the Sultanate in the global markets".