Basilan Island

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Ba·si·lan Island

An island in the southern Philippines. It is separated from southwest Mindanao by the narrow Basilan Strait.
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The attack on the army counter-terrorism facility is the third suicide strike since July 31 last year when a Moroccan suspect struck on Basilan island. Then, on Jan.
Their historical narrative was centered on the diplomatic connection between the century-old Chinese Empire and the fledgling group of Yakans of Kumalarang located in Isabela City on the northwestern coast of Basilan island.
Qatar has also condemned the explosion at a checkpoint in Lamitan City of Basilan island in southern Philippines which left several people dead and injured.
Police and military estimated about less than 40 Abu Sayyaf members are still hiding with Indama in the Sampinit, a mountain complex in the center of Basilan Island.
Amin is believed to be alternating between the Abu Sayyaf stronghold on Basilan island and Jolo island in the southern Philippines.
Basilan island province, killing four security escorts and injuring
Cappello singled out for thanks Al Rashid Sakalahul, the vice governor of the southern Basilan island that is one of the Abu Sayyaf's strongholds.
The Moro National Liberation Front was already fighting government forces and with the commencement of martial law, the Muslims of Basilan Island joined the rebellion.
According to the paper, another faction of the Abu Sayaaf on Basilan Island is holding Australian adventurer Warren Rodwell, 52.
The military said the three were brought to nearby Basilan Island, a known stronghold of Abu Sayaff militants.
The abduction site is near Basilan island, a stronghold of al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf militants.
Isabela is one of two Christian regions on predominantly Muslim Basilan island, which has seen frequent clashes between Abu Sayyaf and government forces.