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Thus aided, the doctor and his friends were enabled to embark almost immediately on the small steamer called the Basilic, which ran down to the mouth of the river.
If not feasible, then a brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistula followed by a basilic vein transposition should be created in the non-dominant arm.
A cela il faut aussi ajouter les herbes telles que le basilic, le persil, le thym, la menthe.
Lastly, if no DVT is identified, examination of the superficial upper extremity veins, the cephalic and basilic may be carried out, as this may provide a diagnosis and explanation for patient's symptoms.
Bilateral upper extremity Dopplers were perfomed, and right brachial and basilic vein thrombus was present; the left was patent and free of thrombus.
4 mL were collected with a 1-mL syringe and a 26-gauge needle by jugular or basilic vein venipuncture, placed in heparinized microtubes, and centrifuged for 10 minutes at approximately 2000g.
Blood was sampled through an indwelling venous catheter from the antecubital or basilic vein of the test arm after 90 min and from the control contralateral arm (lacking an inflated cuff) at baseline and after 90 min.
Locals love: Brasserie 3eme Mi-temps at Rue Jules Rimet, by the stadium, has a great atmosphere, while Le Basilic at Rue de la Boulangerie, opposite the basilica, has a large terrace.
One of the answers given is " habaq al-jusur," translated variably as "the basil of the bridges" (Burton, Haddawy),"the mint of the dykes" (Lyons and Lyons), and "le basilic du brave" (Bencheikh and Miquel), which goes in a different direction entirely.
Miquel gives us the more mysterious basilic du brave, evidently reading jasur (bold, daring,) instead of jusur (bridges) (1: 72).
The study material, venous blood, was taken in a fasting state from the basilic vein of the studied group members at two time points: before the surgery and seven days after it.
The device is inserted in a peripheral vein in the arm such as the cephalic vein, basilic vein, or brachial vein.