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Conclusion.--The Certificate.--The French Settlements.--The Post of Medina.--The Basilic.--Saint Louis.--The English Frigate.--The Return to London.
Thus aided, the doctor and his friends were enabled to embark almost immediately on the small steamer called the Basilic, which ran down to the mouth of the river.
basilic, and cephalic veins from the antecubital region of the arm.
Using a 22 gauge needle and drawing from the basilic vein
Lapin au basilic: Smear a pair of small rabbits with a generous coating of full-strength mustard.
Results of a blood sample obtained from the left basilic vein and submitted for complete blood count (CBC) and plasma biochemical analysis were largely within reference limits except for increased creatine kinase (CK; 1099 U/L; reference range, 156-927 U/L) and lactate dehydrogenase (1661 U/ L; reference range, 148-1640 U/L) levels.
Ingredients popular to the region include basilic, estragon, endives, and Mediterranean olive oil; popular recipes include those for tapenades, garlic tellines with persil, and tarte tatin.
She, with her snowy left arm held closely against her snowlike breast bore a burning and shining torch, raised somewhat beyond and above her golden head, held the slender stalk-like extremity by the sharp point, and offering adroitly her free arm, more shining white than was that of Pelops, in which appear the delicate veins of the upper arm and the basilic vein, such like those sandalwood lines drawn on the cleanest papyrus.
Venous duplex ultrasonography documented the presence of bilateral internal jugular and subclavian venous thrombosis that extended to the axillary vein on the right and the basilic vein on the left (figure 1).
The PICCs were placed using sterile technique, in the cephalic or the basilic vein via the antecubital fossa.
pomme de Paris or Genoa basilic); a Declaration by the Council of Ministers is expected to invite the Commission to examine the risk of conflicts between standards for the registration of plant varieties and designations of origin;
Combien de personnes savaient que la region du lac Temiscamingue avait un vignoble, que le caviar d'esturgeon provient du lac Temiscamingue, que Costco s'approvisionne en truite aupres d'une societe de Manitoulin et que le basilic et les bleuets forment une vinaigrette merveilleuse?