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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to the bone in the base of the cranium, frequently forming a part of the occipital in the adult, but usually distinct in the young.
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Abbrevation Bones Cyprinidae Clupeidae Anguillidae Total ar Articular 11 3 14 boc Basioccipital 12 1 13 bpq Basipterygium 16 16 c Caudal vertebra 207 28 235 ceh Ceratohyal 10 1 11 cl Cleithrum 27 2 29 dn Dentary 19 2 21 eph Epihyal 16 16 fr Frontal 6 6 hb Head bone 38 4 42 (unidentified) hy Hyomandibular 13 13 iop Interopercle 10 10 mx Maxilla 7 2 9 op Opercle 21 1 1 23 pl Palatine 1 1 psp Parasphenoid 3 1 4 pha Pharyngeal bone 40 40 ptp Posttemporal 3 3 pc1 Precaudal 1 19 19 pc2 Precaudal 2 2 2 pc3 Precaudal 3 2 2 pc Precaudal 178 43 221 vertebra pmx Premaxilla 3 3 pu Preural vertebra 3 3 pop Preopercle 25 25 qd Quadrate 3 3 sop Subopercle 7 7 scl Supracleithrum 19 19 ur Urohyal 2 2 ver Vertebra 28 28 (unidentified) vo Vomer 2 2 Total 751 1 90 842
Esta condicion tiene numerosas variantes e incluye hipoplasia basioccipital, hipoplasia condilar, hypoplasia del atlas, asimilacion atlanto occipital, anormalidades de odontoides, Sindrome de Klippel Feil, malformacion de Chiari, siringomielia y siringobulbia (6,7,8).
The occipital region comprises the supra-occipital bones (Os supraoccipitale), exoccipital (Os exoccipitale) and basioccipital (Os basioccipitale- BS, Figures.
scansor, where the delimitation of the parasphenoid bone is more oval and continuous with the basioccipital region.
The swim bladder with two anterior extensions extending forward to basioccipital on both sides above auditory capsule; two posterior extensions extending into haemal funnel beyond posterior end of body cavity (the roots of two posterior extensions are non-adjacent and two posterior extensions are not well-knitted); a single duct-like process originating from ventral surface of swim bladder (between the roots of two posterior extensions) and reaching urogenital opening.
Field identifications were confirmed using the basioccipital processes of voucher specimens (western silvery minnows have wider basioccipitals than plains minnows Hybognathus placitus; Page and Burr, 1991; Cross and Collins, 1995).
Ar (Articulare): The point of intersection of the inferior cranial base surface (basioccipital) and the posterior surface of the mandibular condyle.
The ossification is observed in the medial and posterior regions of the basal plate, which correspond to basisphenoid, basioccipital and exoccipital.
La carilla articular anterior del centro vertebral que contacta con el basioccipital se encuentra levemente comprimida en sentido dorsoventral y su diametro es mucho menor que el que exhibe la respectiva carilla articular posterior.
A hacksaw was used to cut through the basioccipital and parasphenoid bones, stopping at the capsular otic bulla, the chamber containing the semicircular canals and otoliths.