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 (băs′kər-vĭl′), John 1706-1775.
English printer and typographer. He produced a notable edition of Virgil in 1757 and designed the typeface that bears his name.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a style of type
[C18: named after John Baskerville (1706–1775), English printer]


(ˈbæs kərˌvɪl)

1. John, 1706–75, English typographer.
2. any of various styles of type designed by him.
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This family paper was committed to my care by Sir Charles Baskerville, whose sudden and tragic death some three months ago created so much excitement in Devonshire.
Yes, it is a statement of a certain legend which runs in the Baskerville family.
line from Hugo Baskerville, and as I had the story from
Baskerville was held by Hugo of that name, nor can it be
of a yeoman who held lands near the Baskerville estate.
below, for they say that the words used by Hugo Baskerville,
Baskerville lying near her, which raised the hair upon
tore the throat out of Hugo Baskerville, on which, as it
This from Hugo Baskerville to his sons Rodger and John,
It is a short account of the facts elicited at the death of Sir Charles Baskerville which occurred a few days before that date.
The recent sudden death of Sir Charles Baskerville, whose
The Baskerville Congreve," said Rodney, offering it to his guest.