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Noun1.basketmaker - someone skilled in weaving basketsbasketmaker - someone skilled in weaving baskets  
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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Besides, there will be Russian doll making and wood carving pop-up shops at Gulf Mall and Tawar Mall respectively on January 22, and basket weaving demonstrations at City Center, on January 23.
But for Barace, 30, basket weaving is more than just a family tradition-it's a way of life.
Examples of past awards are drift boat building, Southeast Asian dance, logger poetry, Native American basket weaving, African-American gospel singing and saddle-making.
Conversely, someone involved in basket weaving probably only has the chance of getting matey with their basket while a chap painting a still life picture is unlikely to form a relationship with a bowl of fruit, unless he gets hungry.
The new inscriptions include laces called `pipilla` and `pittotes`, the art of basket weaving, the art of dry stone, the Limassol Carnival, the Kataklysmos Flood Festival, the Arkatena (a type of circular crunchy bread) and the `kapouthiotiko psathi` (a type of matting).
A fabulous series of orange and biscuit colored paintings on two pages reveal a complicated series of basket weaving stages that Kunu attempts and finally succeeds.
Basket weaving was once widely practiced across southern Lebanon, but knowledge of the craft is quickly disappearing.
BASKET weaving is one of the oldest crafts in the history of human civilization.
Workshops Get crafty in The Big Skill tent with basket weaving, glass painting and even a chainsaw workshop, go back to nature with From Hedge To Jar and become your own Picasso at the drawing mornings.
We have had really interesting sessions about the history of Cardiff Docks, the way the Conway Church organ works and sounds, the works of Canton born sculptor William Goscombe John, a year as Lord Mayor of Cardiff, willow basket weaving, 'upcycling' - transforming furniture using chalk paint, home security / repairs with Age Cymru Handy Van Man Tel.
Basket weaving, jewellery making, competitions, druming, dance workshops and exhibitions will also feature.
The maze is made from a type of willow called common osier, the same kind of plant which is used for basket weaving.