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Noun1.basketmaker - someone skilled in weaving basketsbasketmaker - someone skilled in weaving baskets  
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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They offer classes in basket weaving and other traditional arts and run a youth and elder program.
We were deprived of useful basket weaving and postal bag sewing too.
Besides livestock on display, demonstrations include a home dairy food milking, beef tasting and basket weaving.
She found that the tribal practices of burning, pruning and drastically chopping back redbud plants not only stimulate the growth of younger, more pliant branches for basket weaving but also boost shrub survival.
We started as a small lending agency to help would-be entrepreneurs from basket weaving to noodle makers, but now we are a full-fledged licensed bank," said Mr.
Youngsters could also try their hand at countryside crafts like willow basket weaving and hunger was staved off with a barbecue of produce from Maltby Farm.
Organisers of the Greenpark Festival say visitors enjoyed the recent event, which included wellie-wanging and worm-charming as well as demonstrations of countryside crafts such as basket weaving and the art of the blacksmith.
Wood turning and basket weaving for absolute beginners is on offer at a community centre throughout this month.
There will also be basket weaving, watercolours, spinners, wood art, dog training and an MG owners' club.
He might also wonder what the cost has been to the "innocent little girl who sat in the studio with her mother basket weaving.
Lessons in local Chumash basket weaving will be one of the featured attractions among the more than 40 booths to be set up next to the football stadium on campus.
Patrons can enjoy on-site demonstrations, such as black-smithing, candle making and basket weaving.