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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: court - the court on which basketball is playedbasketball court - the court on which basketball is played
basketball, basketball game, hoops - a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop
court - a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played; "players had to reserve a court in advance"
free throw lane - a lane on a basketball court extending from the end line to 15 feet in front of the backboard; players may not enter this lane during a free throw
home court - (basketball) the court where the host team plays its home games
paint, key - (basketball) a space (including the foul line) in front of the basket at each end of a basketball court; usually painted a different color from the rest of the court; "he hit a jump shot from the top of the key"; "he dominates play in the paint"
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Most designated areas are public parks and basketball courts, such as the Adelfa, Casanova Drive and Palayan courts in Barangay Culiat.
Anything outside of basketball eh hindi dapat dito sa basketball courts nilalaban.
Tenders are invited for resurfacing of 6 tennis courts and 5 basketball courts.
Summary: Renovated park now has multi-purpose playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts among a slew of new facilities
Emmert in October bought the Blue River basketball property - a 45-acre parcel with housing, basketball courts and other structures - for $1.
The school has perfectly good basketball courts but they are locked during holidays.
The two tennis courts, which haven't been used in years because of the poor surface and lack of nets, will be transformed into two basketball courts.
And the worn out fabric is used to create the padding under hardwood basketball courts.
The priority list also includes an amphitheater to stage special events and expansion of the city sports complex to add a new skate park, gymnasium, outdoor basketball courts, off-leash dog area and a BMX area.
With a total running time of 30 minutes, Driveway Basketball Drills produced by Marty Schupak and the Youth Sports Club is an impressively coherent visual compilation of creative drills and games that young basketball enthusiasts can perform in their own driveway, in their school gyms, or at community/neighborhood basketball courts.
Universities and colleges provide students with all the necessary resources to succeed and to stay in school: Amenities from food courts to basketball courts, libraries with late evening hours, tutoring centers, residental/honors college, freshmen orientation classes, mental health clinics, Web access in dorms, and an array of social functions that range from sports to fine arts.
Indianapolis, Department of Parks & Recreation, Marion County, $24,850 to resurface two basketball courts and a parking lot with rubber-modified asphalt.