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 (bə-sō′tō, -so͞o′to͞o)
n. pl. Basotho or Ba·so·thos
A member of a Sotho-speaking people of Lesotho and adjacent parts of South Africa.

[Sotho : ba-, pl. n. pref. + -sotho, Sotho.]


(bəˈsuːtuː; -ˈsəʊtəʊ)
n, pl -tho or -thos
(Peoples) a member of the subgroup of the Sotho people who chiefly inhabit Lesotho. Former name: Basuto
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Noun1.Basotho - a member of a subgroup of people who inhabit LesothoBasotho - a member of a subgroup of people who inhabit Lesotho
Basutoland, Kingdom of Lesotho, Lesotho - a landlocked constitutional monarchy in southern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
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Basothos from Lesotho were also present in the township, but they were not chased out.
However, from the interviews conducted it was ascertained that these deaths were the result of a conflict between a Basotho and a Zimbabwean over the Basotho's girlfriend (Interview: Respondent 2 2014; Interview: Respondent 3 2014).
The landscape of snow, Basotho symbol for peace, expresses the Basothos' heroism in safeguarding their political autonomy.
The article highlights Mofolo's insistence on botho, a humanistic value in Basotho society portrayed as an age-old indigenous consciousness antecedent to Christianity and Western influences.
Beyond the Bantuphone zone, we have one of the languages situated in the Southern continent of Africa, the Sesotho or the language of the Basothos.
I do not know what the Bantu and Basotho thinkers have done so far in rendering the same ethical concepts as read in Kant, Levinas, Derrida's ethics etc.
A la difference des autres ethnies, les Basothos pratiquent encore des meurtres rituels au cours de ce rite de passage.
In the early decades, Basothos turned to South Africa mainly to supplement their livelihood.
Some 25,000 Basothos crowded into the Setsoto Stadium in Maseru, Lesotho's run-down capital, to watch their King being installed.
The Malawian migrants maintain that their repatriation was `good news' to Basothos, Mozambicans and other nationalities, though these, themselves, were equally worried that they may face the same predicament in future.
The demon of racialism, the aberrations of the Xhosa-Fingo feud, the animosity that exists between Zulus and Tongaas, between the Basothos and every native must be buried and forgotten; it has shed among us sufficient blood
Since 1994 the World Bank repeatedly set targets for the LHDA to finalise 800 outstanding compensation claims by Basothos who have lost land and livelihoods to the water project.