figured bass

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figured bass


[From the numerals written underneath the notes.]

figured bass

(Music, other) a shorthand method of indicating a thorough-bass part in which each bass note is accompanied by figures indicating the intervals to be played in the chord above it in the realization


(kənˈtɪn yuˌoʊ)

n., pl. -tin•u•os.
a musical keyboard accompaniment in unrealized form consisting of a series of bass notes whose chordal harmonies are indicated by numerals.
Also called figured bass .
[1715–25; < Italian: literally, continuous]
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Noun1.figured bass - a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played
bass part, bass - the lowest part in polyphonic music
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In Singende Rosen, on the other hand, the settings for solo voice and bass continuo are by Philipp Stolle (1614-75), a virtuoso player of the theorbo (a type of lute) who knew Schirmer in Dresden, had worked with Schutz, and went on to contribute to the cultivation of opera at the court in Halle.
Telarc's sound is for the most part excellent, particularly natural in tonal balance and well detailed, with the big fiddle producing a fine bass continuo.