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n.1.(Mus.) A tenor or small bass viol.
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See, for example, Bassetto and Messer (2013), Berriel and Bhattarai (2009), Cao (2017), and Del Negro and Sims (2015).
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a quick reminder of what precisely Bolognese and Modenese composers meant when using such terms as Bassetto Viola and Violone; and other such important details always help musicians greatly in preparing a performance or recording.
We are grateful to Marco Bassetto, Hulya Eraslan, Boyan Jovanovic, David Kelly, Manuel Santos, Alan Sorensen, and Val Lambson for their valuable comments.
A popular field of research is related to the corporate and the country specific determinants of environmental disclosure (Bartiaux, 2008; Bassetto, 2010; Beck, Campbell, & Shrives, 2010; Buhr, 1998; Burritt & Welch, 1997; Christ & Burritt, 2013; Clarkson, Li, Richardson, & Vasvari, 2011; Cormier & Magnan, 2003; Cowen, Ferreri, & Parker, 1987; Deegan & Gordon, 1996; Dong, Ishikawa, Liu, & Hamori, 2011; Erlandsson & Tillman, 2009; Hackston & Milne, 1996; Harte & Owen, 1991; Kolk & Perego, 2010; Murray, Sinclair, Power, & Gray, 2006; Roberts, C.
Marco Bassetto is a professor of macroeconomics at University College London, a senior economist and research advisor in the Economic Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and a member of the Centre for Macroeconomics.
Depois de tratar da critica textual como "o trabalho filologico", Bruno Fregni Bassetto inicia o capitulo sobre os metodos da filologia romanica de seus Elementos de filologia romanica, com as seguintes palavras: