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 (bä′stĕt) also Bast (bäst)
n. Mythology
An ancient Egyptian goddess, daughter of Ra and agent of his vengeance, often depicted as a lioness or cat.

[Egyptian b'stjt.]
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One of the displayed pieces is devoted to the main ancient Egyptian deity of Sharqiya, Bastet, where a collection of its statues of different shapes, sizes, and materials are shown.
Bastet was worshipped in homes and temples, "just think of how a docile mother cat can become ferocious to protect her kittens," Catanzariti said, explaining why the animal was revered.
Behind the sign lied the city, known in ancient times as Bubastis, which means "the house of Bastet," ancient Egypt's cat goddess.
Washington is currently caring for a bottle baby kitten named Bastet - named for the Egyptian goddess of cats.
By combining Egyptian deities such as Anubis and Bastet with modern representations of male and female perfection and fictional characters such as Batman and Catwoman, I am able to break the barrier between the past and present, East and West, sacred and profane, timeless and ephemeral," Hafez says.
Having just died, Andy's not pleased to find himself in the ancient Egyptian afterlife, where the goddess Bastet wants a word with him.
ANIMALS p23 Egyptians believed keeping black cats as pets was the best way to win the favour of the protector goddess, Bastet.
Egyptians also worshipped a number of lion-headed goddesses including Aker, guardian of the gateway to Duat; Bastet, the goddess of fertility; and Sekhmet, goddess of war and destruction.
However, the cat goddess, Bast - also known as Bastet - "eventually replaced the cult of Mafdet, and Bast's image softened over time and she became the deity representing protection, fertility, and motherhood".
Otra replica que se destaco en SL por su contenido historico fue el Ancient Egypt, que simula el Egipto de los faraones, con la gran esfinge, las piramides de Giza y algunos templos como el de la diosa Bastet.