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 (bä′stĕt) also Bast (bäst)
n. Mythology
An ancient Egyptian goddess, daughter of Ra and agent of his vengeance, often depicted as a lioness or cat.

[Egyptian b'stjt.]
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Amid the chaos of the crash, he lost his beloved cat, Bastet, who was found dead 17 days later in a mound of debris.
Initially appreciated for their efficiency at keeping rodents at bay, cats eventually went on to be much loved for there even was a goddess of cats, Bastet, and the death of a household cat was a cause for deep mourning.
Abdel Gawad explained that the two artifacts are a wooden statue of ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet and a pink granite statue of Horus.
In other news, "Overwatch" recently ran the Bastet event where a new Ana skin was given out for free as long as players won nine PvP matches during the event.
A bronze cat statue dedicated to an ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, which was one of the 100 unearthed wooden cat statues.
The discoveries were found near the cliff of an area called the Bastet, Anany declared.
Also known as Bastet, Ubasti, and Pasch, she was the most popular of the feline deities, belonging to the order of the Ennead, a group of nine deities most frequently appearing in ancient Egyptian mythology.
Then Bastet the Egyptian Cat goddess, sitting in classic posture.
Although Bast is a perfectly respectable English name, it is also the name of the cat goddess Bast or Bastet. Bast, in particular, is associated with the beneficent, warming rays of the sun (Budge, Mummy, 288).
The cells were washed 3 times with PBS for 5 minutes each and incubated with Alexa Fluor 594-conjugated goat anti-mouse lgG secondary antibody (Bastet, catalog no.
"Bastet was one of Ancient Egypt's most famous felines.