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For me, I snatched up the rug--afterwards I found it was Noma's best kaross, made by Basutos of chosen cat-skins, and worth three oxen--and I fled, followed by Koos.
Fine China 10-inch plate, PS35, Chase & Wonder Basuto black/ gold wallpaper, PS50 a roll, Graham & Brown DOUBLE UP FOR DRAMA When designing a room, interior decorators often double up on everything - from chairs and end tables to floor lamps - using symmetry to essentially create two matching halves within a space, that add up to one harmonious setting.
As the right flank gave way, a shout of "every man for himself" was given and, with no weapon and only in his pale blue shirt, he escaped on a small Basuto pony.
The RPCR states, "Tom Nesabi, a Basuto, was in the employ of a store-keeper at Stand 12 ...
Cathcart further chastised Moshoeshoe, saying that 'the Basuto people under your rule have become a nation of thieves'.
One of the unfortunate results of codification in the case of the Laws of Lerotholi is that the code has "been outpaced by the changes in Basuto social life" and applied seemingly arbitrarily by the Lesotho courts.
With all the other Basuto boys he played, and herded his parents' cattle; and as he grew up, he sometimes went with the transport riders, leading the oxen which drew the waggons bringing in goods from the rail-head [at Aliwal North, about 90 km away to the west]; sometimes he joined the hunts organised for killing game or monkeys on the mountains; and he saw or heard of the killing of leopards at the cattle posts by the older men.
Rigel and Betelgeuse, with Sirius and Procyon, were known as Magakgala or Mahakala to the Basuto, Lobedu, Northern Sotho and Tswana.
The Basuto! A social study of the traditional and modern Lesotho.
Drawn from the Basuto tribe of southern Africa, their players were athletic and strong but not particularly skilful and so didn't win any of their 36 games.