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Noun1.Bata - a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad
Biu-Mandara - a group of Chadic languages spoken in the border area between Cameroon and Nigeria south of Lake Chad
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Bata said: "When we came here we tried our best to bring the children over but it was quite difficult.
Bata was established in 1894 by a Czech shoemaker named Tomas Bata along with his siblings Anna, and Antonin.
The event began with the words of the head of the province of Litoral, Bartolom Owono Nze, assisted by the Government Delegate of Bata, Antonio Nsue Ondo Oye, the first, second and third lieutenants mayors of Bata of the new urban districts and municipalities of Machinda and Ro Campo, they have taken oaths of fidelity before the people and the Government.
Mas madaling mag-feed ng bata kesa mag-construct ng classroom,' Briones said, referring not only to the supposed underspending of the agency but also to the slow pace of school building and classroom construction due to 'apparent bureaucratic processes.
New Delhi [India], Aug 1 ( ANI ): Footwear major Bata India on Tuesday announced appointment of Sandeep Kataria as the Country Manager with effect from August 1.
Contributing to a growing wave of literature on Afro-Cuban ritual practice, Kenneth Schweitzer sets out to tread a line between ethnographic narrative and musical analysis of sacred Afro-Cuban bata drumming.
And thus, the symbol and sound of the Lucumi/Santeria religion, Afro-Cuban bata of the talking drums that express the epic mythological narratives of the West African Yoruba deities known as orisha are explained with a exploration into the integral in enabling trance possessions by the orisha, (the most dramatic expressions of Lucumi faith) wherein bata drummers are entrusted with controlling the overall ebb and flow of the four- to six-hour toque de santo in which bata drummers combine their knowledge of ritual with an extensive repertoire of rhythms and songs focused on the many thematic acts that unfold both concurrently and in quick succession.
Ivory Coast will play in Sunday's final in Bata against Equatorial Guinea or Ghana who meet in the second semi-final in Malabo on Thursday.
Le programme 31 janvier a Bata : Congo-RDC (17h) Tunisie - Guinee equatoriale (20h30) 1er fevrier a Malabo : 1er du groupe C - 2e du groupe D (17h) 1er du groupe D - 2e du groupe C (20h30)
Gold instituyo la "ceremonia de imposicion de la bata blanca", en la Universidad de Columbia, en Nueva York, para los estudiantes de medicina que recien iniciaban sus estudios.
BARA -- A local tribesman of Bara tehsil has complained that his wife, who got injured in Bata Thall blast, had lack of health facilities in Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC).
A world renowned brand with footwear as its core business has made its way into the Namibian market after a successful partnership between Namibian and Zimbabwean business figures who acquired the franchise rights and managed to open BATA Namibia on the 2nd of December last year.