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(Placename) a port in the Philippines, in SW Luzon. Pop: 293 000 (2005 est)


(bɑˈtɑŋ gɑs)

a seaport on SW Luzon, in the N central Philippines. 143,570.
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MaArab babapila kwamukulela kasizo banga maHarratin kuli ki batanga kakusebelisa mukwa wakuyola, haiba kuli bomaho neli batanga konakuli ni wena utaba mutanga.
On buildings, I've seen escuelas in Marinduque, BohAaAaAeA l, and Batanga mostly one- and two-room stone structures.
We drank the famous Batangas (tequila, Coca-Cola, and lime) and met the famous Don Javier, who owns the bar and invented the Batanga.
US digital content and social media firm Batanga Media said it had taken over Uruguay-based consumer websites creator Crovat SA without disclosing the financial terms of the deal.
Vahe Vo Nsangi (Tierra de Paz) esta en el idioma batanga (que forma parte de la lengua y grupo etnico ndowe).
Ibarra previously worked as a web developer at Batanga, Inc.
Digital media company Batanga Inc announced on Monday the acquisition of MetroFlog and its partner sites MetroBlog and MetroPostales.
With their proximity to water bodies, the southern Tagalog provinces of Batanga, Laguna, Quezon, Cavite and Rizal have developed a cuisine that resonates with the flavours of the land and sea.
Only one specimen of the goby, Batanga lebretonis (Eleotris lebretonis), was collected in a wet month (September).
Para llegar a la isla se debe abordar una lancha en el cercano embarcadero de La Batanga, distante 15 minutos de navegacion.
Accompanied by Mauricio Pantoja (musical director/guitar), Diego Valdes (acoustic bass), Urian Sarmiento and Marco Vinicio Oyaga (percussion), Andrea de Francisco (background vocals), and Batanga (horns), Giraldo moves through eleven original scores full of intriguing yet passive melodies in the outer borders of the pop/folk kingdom of Latin American music.
Con esta inversion, Batanga adquirio el sitio Hispano Click, que llega a mas de 12 millones de personas.