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Noun1.Arthur Rimbaud - French poet whose work influenced the surrealists (1854-1891)
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Le Bateau ivre," selon Andre Guyaux, "est un amalgame.
A true foodie heaven, not only does the resort boast two Michelin starred restaurants - La Bateau Ivre and The Chabichou Hotel - but also the legendary Le Cap Horn, which is the place to see and be seen by Europe's elite.
And chef Jean-Pierre Jacob, who cooked Tuesday, flew in fish from Le Bourget du Lac, where his restaurant, Le Bateau Ivre, is located.
Unfortunately, as the lack of events continues to unfold, the whimsicality of the meandering characters on this particular bateau ivre soon becomes wearisome, and readers, when contemplating this interesting but failed literary experiment, may come to wonder why they embarked on this cruise ship in the first place.
At night, we visit two Michelin-starred restaurant La Bateau Ivre for a 12-course meal cooked by famous chef Jean Pierre Jacob.
Obviously Diana includes a clip from Arthur Rimbaud - another iconoclast - perceiving the French poet of Le Bateau Ivre as a man who mirrored Picasso's relentless sexual drive.