Bath house

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a house used for the purpose of bathing; - also a small house, near a bathing place, where a bather undresses and dresses.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Grade II listed building and the nearby Bath House are the largest structures still standing at the colliery, which closed in 1991.
Chief executive Dr Andrew Birtley said: "These stones were recovered from the thirdcentury bath house toilet drain.
The old public bath house in the basement of the Institute building has been used mainly for storage and has been hidden away from view since the baths closed in 1969.
After a walk in the frosty air, there is nothing better than warm up in the bath house.
Their exhibition, titled The Coquet Road, was the first at the Niche Gallery in the Old Bath House at North Broomhill in Northumberland.
The RSPB's Coquet Island site manager Paul Morrison receives the cheque for [pounds sterling]500 from Katie and Paul Henery at the Niche gallery in the Old Bath House at Broomhill in Northumberland
A friend then takes Lucius to a bath house to cheer him up.
Four of the defendants, including the owner of the bath house, were charged with "running a place that organises paid sexual orgies", while another 21 faced charges of debauchery.
The five bedroom, three bath house features double-height ceilings, cathedral-style windows and a hexagonal dining room, with floor-to-ceiling fireplace
BEWILDERED Siyao snuggles under a duvet at the public bath house where she was abandoned a month ago by her grandad.
Unlike the free-standingbathhouses of Turkey, andsimilar to the public baths in Morocco and Egypt,Ammouneh bath house is adjacent to other buildings, in
Bath House and 'Atheist Cafe' Raided by Authorities