Bath house

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a house used for the purpose of bathing; - also a small house, near a bathing place, where a bather undresses and dresses.

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If you are looking for a way to relax and de-stress this winter, visiting your local bath house might be the answer.
A friend then takes Lucius to a bath house to cheer him up.
complete a comprehensive inspection of the bolivar pool, pool deck, the existing bath house and the pool operating and filtration systems.
This film tells the story of the Roman Bath House, the coming of the railways, various sea tragedies associated with Prestatyn, including the Ocean Monarch disaster and the sinking of the Lelia.
Main Farm dates back, in part, to 1670, and even has the remains of the Roman Commandant's apsidal bath house in the garden.
On show in the exhi bition from Saturday will be finds from the bath house dig, including a silver ring, a brooch with a black glass setting which would have fastened a cloak, and glass beads from a necklace.
On her much criticised television programme 'Al-Mistikhabi' (The Hidden), Iraqi, who also has to pay an EGP 10,000 fine, was internationally condemned for filming an anti-vice police unit as it raided a Ramses area bath house, and falsely accusing the men filmed of being in a brothel and participating in homosexual activity.
Unlike the free-standingbathhouses of Turkey, andsimilar to the public baths in Morocco and Egypt,Ammouneh bath house is adjacent to other buildings, in
The five bedroom, three bath house features double-height ceilings, cathedral-style windows and a hexagonal dining room, with floor-to-ceiling fireplace
BEWILDERED Siyao snuggles under a duvet at the public bath house where she was abandoned a month ago by her grandad.
Bath House and 'Atheist Cafe' Raided by Authorities
ft estate in Oahu is spread across 3 acres and includes 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, along with a boat house, tennis courts, and a separate bath house, TMZ.